Videographer & Editor

Welcome! My name is Nicholas Mullins. I'm an award-winning filmmaker from Savannah, Ga. I exist to tell stories. My happy place is anywhere I have a camera in my hand. 
Since I was a kid I loved to tell stories of all types. Through the years this developed into my passion of using documentary style film-making to share beautiful narratives of creation and people.
 It's a privilege to exist on such a wonderful planet, and I live to embrace that privilege through exploring the intimate and unseen details that have long gone overlooked. ​​​​​​​
Whether I am working on a new documentary or creating material for a client, I strive for perfection in each task I take on. 
In addition to my passion for community and film-making, I have a history in marketing and public relations for film festivals and small businesses, wedding video, and commercial and private photography. Simply put, if there's a story to be told, I'm in!

Clients/subjects include: Jean-Claude Roy, Grove City College, Moss & Marsh, Savannah Care Center, Willow Women's Center, Maupin Engineering, Pina Pineapple Project, Project Restore, Julia Schroder Photography, Southeast Lung Associates.

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