"Tous Les Jours" was entirely self-funded. Any amount helps in the creation of this and future projects!

In rocky Newfoundland, popular French artist Jean Claude Roy gathers his paints and sets off to face the day. Whether it be freezing snow, violent wind, or pouring rain, he commits vibrant colors to canvas and conquers the day by weaving crooked beauty out of difficulties.

 "Tous Les Jours" and all affiliated projects are directed and produced by Nicholas Mullins, with music created by James Hurley.
Jean Claude and Christina Roy, Michael and Cyndi Mullins, James Hurley, Joshua Drake, Greg Bandy, Hannah Stiller, Julia Schroder, Garrett McCleary, Tyler Harrington, Nicole Mingle, Molly Sears, John Chidley, Keith Bradburry.

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