Moss & Marsh 
"Nicholas exceeded my expectations every single time. His knowledge and talent are beyond his years. I have worked with seasoned videographers in the industry who did not understand or convey my vision or brand in the way that Nicholas could. He took the time to understand the process of each project displayed in our videos so that the could translate the narrative in a seamless and beautiful way. I was always impressed with the depth and layers he created in his films. And on top of all that, he is very patient with those that do not know his trade and need direction (me!). 
- Candace
Moss & Marsh is the creative effort of Candace Brodmann, a stay-at-home mom with a degree in Textiles from the University of Georgia. At the early age of eight, Candace learned to sew from her mother. Fabric & sewing has been an important aspect of her life ever since. From college studies, to making her own wedding dress, to founding Moss & Marsh, God has led Candace's path to creating handmade products. 
My journey with Moss & Marsh started in 2019, when I filmed my first ever "Brand Story" for her. Since then, as her brand as evolved, we've gone on to collaborate time after time, including on a multi-episode crafting web-series that aired throughout 2020. 

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