Nicholas was extremely personable and made sure we had a wedding video that reflected us as a couple. Before our wedding, I didn't know much about wedding videos. I had never seen any really amazing ones and my parents were the ones who thought it was a good idea to have a video. When we first got our video back (which was super quick, we waited only a few days after our wedding!) My mom texted me and said she literally could not stop watching it. My husband and I watched it over and over and then took a short break and watched it again. We still watch it all the time-- it is just the best reminder of our special day and so perfectly 'us.' I cannot imagine a better wedding videographer and if you are considering using Nicholas for your wedding, you will not regret it! Do not miss out on having him capture your special day!
- Rachel Petterson, Wedding Client
I'm a portrait and wedding photographer and contracted Nicholas for a branding video for my business. I have never been a great public speaker or sticking to a script, so I was very anxious about recording a voice over and a video. Nicholas made me feel so at peace immediately about the whole thing! He's very patient, a great creative mind, and utterly talented at story telling. He coached me through my voiceover, directed the video, and edited in such a way to match my business. Adding a branding video is such a special way of showing your future clients who you are and what you do. Nicholas does it perfectly, I recommend any chance I get!​​​​​​​
- Julia Schroder, Small-Business Client
I never thought about making sure my husband and I's wedding was recorded through video on the big day. I didn't know how silly I was for not putting that as a must-have detail until I saw the artwork from Nicholas Mullins. His style for capturing sweet, beautiful moments is breathtaking. The first time I watched our video, I laughed and felt like I was there again with my friends and family dancing at the reception. The second time I watched it, I cried my heart out seeing my husband's reaction at the alter. I feel so grateful to be able to revisit those precious moments again and again because Nich has the ability to transport you back to the best day of your life each time you press play. I am beyond happy to have had his amazing artwork be apart of such a big moment in our lives. I'll never forget any feeling I had that day thanks to Nich Mullins and his wonderful ability to capture those moments flawlessly.​​​​​​​
-Angela Lukas, Wedding Client
Nicholas exceeded my expectations every single time. His knowledge and talent are beyond his years. I have worked with seasoned videographers in the industry who did not understand or convey my vision or brand in the way that Nicholas could. He took the time to understand the process of each project displayed in our videos so that the could translate the narrative in a seamless and beautiful way. I was always impressed with the depth and layers he created in his films. And on top of all that, he is very patient with those that do not know his trade and need direction (me!). 
- Candace Brodmann, Owner of Moss & Marsh 
Nicholas’s duties require a lot of knowledge and skill in different areas, but
most impressive are his leadership abilities. The skills he most utilizes include overseeing and teaching audio/video techniques to other students who can then help him film our series at a very high level. Nicholas’s audio and video recordings have far surpassed even our highest expectations. Nicholas’s techniques and his ability to help direct each scene to capture it in a creative and innovative way is why this series will ultimately be successful. The shooting schedule
was incredibly rough with cancellations and additions almost daily. Nicholas never lost his cool and worked with us to do whatever he could whenever he could. He was early for each shoot and had everything ready to go when the time came to start filming.
- Daniel Wolfe, Technical Director at Grove City College
Watch a short documentary about Diana Churchill featured in the column online! 
Enjoy learning more about Ogeechee Audubon’s own “bird lady”, Diana Churchill in this short documentary by Nicholas Mullins.
Savannah-based textile design house Moss & Marsh has announced a shift in branding along with a line of UV protective shirts and the launch of a community crafting show.
In this teaser trailer of the short documentary project, “Tous Les Jours” (which translates to “everyday”), discover an intimate film that explores the world of JC Roy. Follow the legendary artist as he spends each day painting vivid landscapes from scenic locations across Newfoundland. Learn how he draws inspiration from the world around him, and the world within himself, to create powerful artwork that has influenced so many around the globe.
1st Place By any Other Name - Peter Kimball - 2nd Place Here Lies Beatrice - Katrina Docalovich - 3rd Place Stuck in Between - Burcu Halaçoğlu - Virginia Filmmaker Award Petrichor - Mireille Heidbreder People’s Choice Tous Les Jours - Nicholas Mullins 
Grove City College student Nicholas Mullins ’21 wrote, filmed and produced a documentary on a French painter that is now showing around the country and winning accolades.
Grove City College student Nicholas Mullins wrote, filmed and produced a documentary on a French painter that is now showing around the country.
 GCC Student’s Film Makes Waves at Festivals
Mullins’ first exposure to Roy’s works came from home, where his parents had a painting by the Canadian artist displayed. The Grove City College student, a native of Savannah, Ga., started filming at 7 using his dad’s camcorder, and made his first short film his sophomore year of high school.
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